The Journey Begins

Action. Adventure. Love. Trusty sidekick. Friendly guardian. A teacher’s journey into being a media specialist.


Thanks for joining me here in my little reading nook, where we have a small space for a world full of possibilities. I spent the last nine years teaching English classes for grades 9 through 12. Most of my career has been spent with 9th graders, so I do have a special love for that grade as I have such wonderful memories with my students.

This past year, Pike County Schools embarked on a journey to truly get our students reading. We have studied Penny Kittle’s book Book Love, Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer, and Penny Kittle’s and Kelly’s Gallagher’s 180 Days in an effort to examine how other teachers have promoted reading in their classrooms and were astounded by the results those teachers were seeing.

So I set out to make some changes. You cannot promote reading in the classroom if you do not have books displayed and readily accessible. The county bought me books to get me started, but I just didn’t feel that I had the variety I needed. So my husband and I went on vacation for a weekend and we literally stopped at every thrift store on our four hour drive home. Needless to say, a lot of our luggage might have been left behind so we had somewhere to put our books to drive home!

I had a huge success in my classroom that year. Students read books and were so proud of themselves. I even felt that I had a better relationship with that group of 9th graders than I feel I have had in a long time. I truly KNEW those students.

It is because of that experience that I have come to love being a Media Specialist and Literacy Coach for Pike County Schools, and this is my new way of sharing my love of reading with my students and others who are also interested!

A man who will not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.

–Mark Twain


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